Ventilation Hygiene

As part of this offer we will provide you the approximate range of the elements of our services in accordance with applicable European Union standards.

We will offer extremely high quality i technicznie usługę, wartą swoich pieniędzy poprzez uzupełniającą się wzajemnie kombinację technologii, nabyte doświadczenie i specjalistyczne umiejętności. Nasz system zaoferuje znaczną oszczędność czasu, np. prostym przykładem może być 20-100 metrów wyczyszczonych przewodów poziomych, pion do 60 mb z jednej rewizji. To może, w wielu przypadkach pozwolić nam na pracę podczas zwykłych dni roboczych z minimalną uciążliwością.

W trakcie wykonywania usługi wykorzystamy istniejące systemy dostępu, a w razie potrzeby wykonamy dodatkowe, przy pracach wstępnych. Ta specjalistyczna usługa bazuje na długim, specyficznym doświadczeniu przy pracach związanych z higieną w budynkach jak i spełnia wszelkie wymogi bezpieczeństwa pracy systemów wentylacyjnych. Po pracach wstępnych, w celu przygotowania systemów do usługi, powinny być one monitorowane, aby zapewnić im czystość, bezpieczeństwo
i funkcjonalność.

Mechanical ventilation systems (including air conditioning systems ) should be regularly and properly cleaned , tested and maintained for sure they are clean and free from anything that may pollute the air.

Installation inspection hatches:

Installation of access components – inspection hatches needed to perform cleaning and inspection / verification work done.
We focused on modernity , our methods reduce interruptions and make that work takes place in one place, with pipes and ceilings or other components. Access panels with rectangular or oval pipes contain rigid steel frames which should give the insulation and fix the panel by quickly securing the connecting elements in accordance with Polish ( PN ) and European standards.


Cables will be mechanically cleaned using the latest solutions dzierobotyki and precision mechanics, among others, using multi-purpose cleaning robots,
a preview of the video cabling with rotating brushes, wiring for high pressure – blow new installations, ultrasonic technology to clean elements and details such as diffusers, grilles, plugged into the system extractor equipped with high efficiency filters at least F7 / 8, EU45 or HEPA according to demand, pressure, vacuum and manually if necessary.

Wires coated with fatty deposits are cleaned by the device generating high pressure steam at a temperature of 176oC with the application of chemistry, with a circular device in combination with a moving nozzle operating at high pressure,
Settlements will be deducted with pre-installed by our team flaps revision / with the required declarations of conformity /.

Diffusers, grating chamber, diffusers are cleaned in two ways in and out by means of ultrasonic technology.


Conventional cleaning and surface disinfection traditional methods are ineffective because they must be accompanied cleaning action of air. Therefore, in this case, use of the application technology of detergent disinfectant in the form of a dry mist / accordance with the standard AFNOR NF 72 281 – subjecting the air to a disinfection process and dry removes any kind of contamination, protecting the person breathing the air. Regular subjecting air to a cleaning microdiffusion method allows the active impregnating the surface , preventing the development of microorganisms . In addition, active air saturation fog clears the air – floating particles become heavier and faster fall to the ground . Therefore, the air becomes clearer, lighter and more crisp – free of microorganisms and bacteria.

Methods of combating Legionella:

The first and most important factor in preventing the risk of Legionnaires’ disease associated with ventilation and air conditioning installations , is to keep the system in good hygienic condition , ensuring the safety of human health and condition, ensuring efficiency and reliability działania.Przy choice of disinfectant preparation for use in ventilation and air conditioning we are guided by the following features:

  • effects on a wide spectrum of micro-organisms ( including bacteria of the genus Legionella )
  • low toxicity,
  • biodegradability,
  • not causing corrosion of the material contacted by the disinfectant.

Precise measurement of the air flow rate. The study effectiveness of the ventilation – Balance For proper operation of the ventilation or air conditioning it is necessary to achieve the designed air parameters. It is one of the elements affecting the proper functioning of the system, multiples of exchanges and the amount of air supplied. It should be carried out together with the cleaning as well as independently within the framework of existing norms. An important parameter to be evaluated is the speed and the amount of air flow. Most often, these parameters are measured directly in the ducts or in the vicinity of air grilles and diffusers. For this purpose, the instrumentation configured with a valid calibration certificate. In addition, measurements in the line there is a need to make a few and sometimes even tens of readings to properly determine the speed. Due to the turbulent flow can not be read-only at one point of the cable. In carrying out the measurements must be used PN-EN 12599th For such methodology the uncertainty will remain no more than 2% of reading. In the context of the existing specific requirements: PN-78 / B-10440 “Ventilation, requirements and acceptance tests” Guidelines of the Central Institute for Labour Protection “Research ventilation systems”